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March 28, 2003

Ack!, some of meyemind.com is Down?!?

One of my hosts is down, therefore some of my movies, especially my demo reel will be down temporarily... should be back up next week with my updated February demo reel.

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March 14, 2003

Awarded 2nd Place for a Gnomon VFX Challenge

2nd Place - The Gift - Gnomon VFX Challenge

I have been awarded 2nd Place for my Gnomon VFX Challenge entry! Congratulations to the other winners, it was a fun challenge.

The Gift - Enhanced VFX Shot

Final Shot Enhanced - High (13.7mb)

My submission is pretty dark so I enhanced the shot for show... take a look.

Featured on Vocanson Multimedia

Vocanson Multimedia has put up a small feature on my recent Gnomon VFX Challenge Entry - Check it Out

[Vocanson Multimedia is a french website/magazine created for the 3D-2D artistes and designers]

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March 8, 2003

My submission for the VFX Challenge is Complete

The Gift - Gnomon VFX Challenge

Completed my submission for CG Talk's 2nd VFX Challenge yesterday... It has been a challenge, view the progress and results below:

CG Talk Final Shot - Low (3.29mb)
CG Talk Final Shot - High (7.38mb)
Original Plate - (646k)
Roto and ReTimed Plate - (1.20mb)
Complete Story with VFX Shot - (16.7mb)

best to 'right-hand-click' and 'save as'

clips are in Quicktime format.

My CG Talk official Thread

My Work in Progress Page

(will update soon)

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