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March 24, 2004

Magazine Watch...

Cinefex 97 - Hellboy/Revolutions/ST2

The current issue of Cinefex contains...

an exclusive interview, Oscar-winning visual effects maestro Phil Tippett, founder of Tippett Studio -- one of the industry's top-rated computer animation facilities -- discusses his recent foray into film directing, with Starship Troopers 2, and the remarkable 27-year career that has carried him from stop-motion animation in Star Wars to go-motion in Dragonslayer to 3D character animation in Jurassic Park and beyond.

- Interview by Joe Fordham © 2004 cinefex

With extensive work on Hellboy, Matrix Revolutions, and Starship Troopers II... its damn near a Tippett Studio Issue, at your local bookstores now.

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