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February 28, 2005

Oscar Night - Winner: Visual Effects


John Dykstra, Scott Stokdyk, Anthony LaMolinara and John Frazier

Congratulations to the Spiderman 2 Visual Effects Team. The work they did on Doc Oc's Tenticles and the vfx during the Train Sequence was exceptional, but it's not something we haven't seen before... think of the Matrix Sentienels. They also did a lot of the digital backgrounds that were created and developed in the first Spiderman. The digital backgrounds still look amazing and much more perfected in 2, but of the 3 nominees, my vote went to I-Robot, and my true vote went to The Day After Tomorrow, its a crime that this film was not nominated...

visit Oscar.com for more details, press room interview, acceptance speech...

Spider-Man 2 Visual Effects @ oscar.com


Won a couple Oscars last night, for best Animated Feature Film and Sound Editing.

Congratulations to Brad Bird (The Iron Giant) and Pixar, I loved the Incredibles!


And lastly to note, winner of the best animated Short Film went to Chris Landreth for "Ryan"

-View a clip from the film

for more information on:
The Film "Ryan" Official
Ryan @ oscar.com
Ryan on AWN.com

Back to Best Visual Effects:

ACCEPTANCE SPEECH John Dykstra: I love my job. What an honor to be singled out in a year with so much terrific work. Boy, am I glad there wasn't a forth episode of THE LORD OF THE RINGS! What a joy to work and share this award with so many talented people ... Our director, Sam Raimi, Scott, Anthony, John. All of the artists, technicians and producers that collaborated on the effects for this picture. We'd like to thank our families. Hi, Cass, Chloe, Mom. We'd like to thank Sony Pictures for all your support. Thank you Academy. Thank you, everyone.

The Spider-Man 2 Visual Effects Team would like to thank:

Their families for their constant support, and the artists and managers at Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Pictures Entertainment and the countless number of people who helped to create Spider-Man 2, with special thanks to:

Executives: Amy Pascal, Matt Tolmach, Gary Martin, Lori Furie, Yair Landau, Tim Sarnoff, Jenny Fulle, Debbie Denise, and Don Levy for their continued support of the project.

Actors: Tobey Maguire, Alfred Molina, Kirsten Dunst, Rosemary Harris and James Franco for putting up with cruel and unusual visual effects procedures.

And for their creative vision and untiring commitment:

Director Sam Raimi, Producers Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad, Exec Producer Joe Caracciolo, Co-Producer Grant Curtis, Editor Bob Murawski, Director of Photography Bill Pope

Visual Effects Producer Lydia Bottegoni, Visual Effects supervisor Eric Durst, Visual Effects Art Director Tom Valentine, Digital Production Manager Carey Smith, CG Supervisors Daniel Eaton, Peter Nofz, Ken Hahn and Seth Maury, Visual Effects Coordinators Carlye Archibeque & Chris McLeod, Visual Effects Editor Kevin Jolly

Production Designer Neil Spisak, Stunt coordinator Dan Bradley, Costume Designer James Acheson, Production Manager Denis Stewart, 1st AD Eric Heffron and 2nd unit 1st AD Lisa Satriano, 2nd unit Director of Photography Jonathan Taylor, NY Production Manager Richard Baratta and NY Location Manager John Fedynich, Miniatures Director of Photography Timothy Angulo, Edge Effects, the makers of the Spider Cam, E-Film, Grant McCune Design, Barbed Wire, Entity FX, Pacific Title, Pixel Magic, Radium, Ring of Fire, Title House Digital, and Zoic Studios

John Dykstra would like to thank his agent David Gersh

Anthony LaMolinara would like to say a special thanks to the entire Animation Crew at Sony Pictures Imageworks and Scott Stokdyk would like to thank everyone associated with the project for their hard work and dedication.

SPIDER-MAN 2 (Winner)


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