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February 10, 2005

Son of the Mask Screening & Clips

Enough with Constantine already!

Tonight we are getting a special screening of Son of the Mask here in Berkeley! Tippett Studio completed around 200+ shots for the film (can't recall the final shot count), and I think I composited around 8 of them...

I'm excited, it's going to be goofy, zaney, tom & jerry style antics, that could end up real fun, or real dumb... We'll find out soon enough!

Son of the Mask opens February 18th.

Until then, check out some Clips from Son of the Mask over at Yahoo! Movies that contain some of Tippett's visual effects work. One of the clips has a couple shots I completed... check out "Baby and Dog" and look for the shots after Otis is Charred from the exploding bone, there is one when baby Alvey crawls into frame and roars, and the next shot when Otis jumps up to the chandelier, exciting stuff!

"Otis And The Mask" -- Otis the dog turns into a different creature when he unintentionally wears the mask of Loki.
(This was one of Tippett's 'Otis' sequences as Otis 'the dog' puts on the mask and transforms into 'smookin otis')
"Baby And Dog" -- Alvey Avery (Liam Falconer) has fun playing a dangerous game with Otis the dog.
(Another of Tippett's 'Otis' sequences)

see also: ILM's baby Alvey in,
"Dancing Alvey" -- Tim Avery (Jamie Kennedy) realizes there is something wrong with his son Alvey (Liam Falconer).
(ILM was responsible for 'baby Alvey' the Computer Generated version of baby Alvey, creepy stuff!)

see these and more on Yahoo! Movies - Son of the Mask Trailers & Clips

P.S. I'm not directly linking these movies, just click on them via Yahoo! Movies, and be cautions, they are crashing my Firefox, :(


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