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March 26, 2005

Son of the Mask - Post Production Summary

A New Line Cinema Release

Directed by Lawrence Guterman

Special Effects

Special Effects Supervisor - Brian Cox

Makeup & Animatronics

Captive Audience Productions
Alvey animatronics / Mask & Odin makeups / early Otis transformation / Loki manifestations
Makeup Effects - Keith Vanderlaan
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor - Brian Sipe

Visual Effects

Visual Effects Supervisor - James E. Price
Visual Effects Producer - Susan Macleod

Industrial Light & Magic
CG Alvey & Alvey morphs / CG Mask car / live-action Alvey digital enhancements
81 Shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Edward Hirsh
Animation Supervisor - Tom Bertino

Tippett Studio
CG Otis / Loki Mask animation / glowing vortex / digital matte paintings
153 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Thomas Schelesny
CG Supervisor - Todd Stinson

Giant Killer Robots
Mask donning & removal / Loki-Tim showdown
77 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Michael Schmitt

Pacific Title & Arts Studio
wire removal & 2D compositing
108 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - David Sosalla

Digital Dimension
Tim's daydream / Loki Mask morph
27 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Benoit Girand

Gang of Seven Animation
2D cartoon fantasy sequences / end sequence 3D cartoon
4 shots
Animation Supervisors - Rich Arons, Tim Sito

animated sperm sequence
11 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Jeff Kleiser

Illusion Arts
digital matte maintings - arena interiors
3 shots
Visual Effects Supervisors - Syd Dutton, Bill Taylor

Mask exhumation
1 shot
Visual Effects Supervisor - Phil Jones

Look! Effects
2D Composites
3 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Max Ivins

Teamworks Digital
3D monitor graphics
2 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Dave Allen

Pixel Liberation Front
Previsualization Supervisor - Chris Batty

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March 22, 2005

Son of the Mask in Cinefex #101

In the latest issue of Cinefex, Son of the Mask is covered in great detail from the work Tippett completed, ILM's digital baby Alvey, and a host of shots from other vendors including: Giant Killer Robots, Pacific Title & Arts Studio, Digital Dimension, and more.

See Also: (on page 99) my first ever publicity still from a shot I composited published in Cinefex!

The shot above is from the Odin Beach sequence. Loki is the guy with the black spiked hair in the foreground shot on a blue screen, while the God Odin in the background was shot on a green screen. The background sky is a digital matte painting by Kent Matheson, CG clouds were generated in and around Odin from out FX department. I ended up developing the look of these shots with multiple color treatments, god rays, color and atmospheric contamination, and how Odin blended in with the sky and clouds.

Son of the Mask
Acme Effects

In a zany sequel to The Mask, the 1994 comedy hit that provided fertile ground for the comic contortions of actor Jim Carrey, Son of the Mask introduces an all-new plot and cast of characters, whose encounters with the transformative Mask wreak havoc on their household. Director Lawrence Guterman, in search of Chuck Jones-inspired animation and a classic cartoon aesthetic, turned to visual effects supervisor Jamie Price, and a team that included special effects supervisor Brian Cox, makeup effects and animatronics artists at Captive Audience Productions and animators at Tippett Studio, Industrial Light & Magic and nearly a dozen other digital vendors.

Article by Joe Fordham


Next Issue #102 will feature "Constantine"

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March 18, 2005

Other vendors Visual Effects work on 'Constantine'

VFXblog Interview: Deak Ferrand on 'Constantine'

VFXblog Interview: ESC's visual effects for 'Constantine'

Interviews by Ian Failes via vfxblog.com

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March 15, 2005

VFXTalk.com interviews Constantine 2D leads

VFXTalk.com has a fantastic interview with Dan Cayer and Matt Jacobs, the lead compositors on Constantine. (Tippett Studio) Click here to go to the interview.

See Also: One of the Vermin Man shots I completed featured on the Interview... A creepy reaction from the Vermin Man as he heads off John Constantine in the middle of the street...

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March 13, 2005

Some of my work from Constantine

Can be found on Tippett Studio's fresh new site in 'reels' section and under Constantine, as well as in A Perfect Circle's video 'Passive'

I have assembled a couple quicktime's to reflect shots I completed and worked on Constantine from the Hell Apartment, Hell Freeway, and Vermin Man sequences.

://my shots in the Constantine Reel from Tippett Studio
/Tippett Studio's Constantine Reel

://my shots in A Perfect Circle's 'Passive' music video
/track 'Passsive' - artist A Perfect Circle - album Emotive

Once the DVD is released, I'll be able to put up higher quality clips from my work on Constantine as well as follow up on some compositing details for eachs shot. Until then I hope you enjoy the brief frames of hard work.

See Also: my posting on A Perfect Circle video "Passive" takes the Hell Freeway

© 2005 Tippett Studio © 2005 Warner Bros. Ent. | All Rights Reserved.

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March 8, 2005

Fresh New Look for Tippett Studio

Tippett Studio has performed a complete overhaul from their old website, and also has a slightly smoother logo to go with it.

Check it out @ www.tippett.com

There is plenty of great content to soak up, its loaded with quicktime reels from most all of our recent movies in the filmography as well as some older Gems. Learn about Tippett's history, about the films we have worked on, what creative services we offer and perform, and a whole lot more! - Tippett.com

Looking over the reel from Constantine it showcases a few shots I was fortunate enough to work on, =)

See Also:
Tippett Studio Demo Reel 2005 the first shot is in Angela's Hell Apartment from Constantine. It's a shot I completed and am most proud of during my work on Constantine.

© 2005 Tippett Studio | All Rights Reserved.

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March 5, 2005

Traditional Artwork while at the Academy of Art

Until I convert some of my traditional artwork over to this vfxlog, you can view a few figure drawing galleries from my old website below. These were all drawn on 24" x 36" pad paper but the image sizes in the galleries are fairly small, yet I hope you enjoy the work as much as I did creating it.

The first 2 years of my time at the Academy of Art College was spent studying the tradtional arts, including still life, landscape, and anatomy drawing, figure drawing, sculpting, color and design, among others...

Below are a few galleries from my Figure Drawing studies,

1 to 5 min Gesture Drawings

10 to 20 min Figure Drawings

Longer Figure Studies

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March 2, 2005

More clips and demo reels are up

I've been slowly adding more and more reels throughout my site, check out a couple of my demo reels from October of 2004 and February of 2003. Also, I've added more reels and clips from Starship Troopers 2 in the Comp Department.

I should have some reels and clips up from The Stepford Wives in the next week or so.

Constantine and Son of the Mask media will have to wait until the DVD release... but I'll have some small quicktime clips from Tippett's work up sooner than that.

stay tooned...

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