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March 13, 2005

Some of my work from Constantine

Can be found on Tippett Studio's fresh new site in 'reels' section and under Constantine, as well as in A Perfect Circle's video 'Passive'

I have assembled a couple quicktime's to reflect shots I completed and worked on Constantine from the Hell Apartment, Hell Freeway, and Vermin Man sequences.

://my shots in the Constantine Reel from Tippett Studio
/Tippett Studio's Constantine Reel

://my shots in A Perfect Circle's 'Passive' music video
/track 'Passsive' - artist A Perfect Circle - album Emotive

Once the DVD is released, I'll be able to put up higher quality clips from my work on Constantine as well as follow up on some compositing details for eachs shot. Until then I hope you enjoy the brief frames of hard work.

See Also: my posting on A Perfect Circle video "Passive" takes the Hell Freeway

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Posted by dschnee at March 13, 2005 9:53 PM