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April 17, 2005

Shake 4 Advanced Digital Compositing

Was announced today National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB). This is the software I use to Composite at work.

You can find out all the details at the apple.com/shake site.

A number of us at work, myself included, have been beta testing this latest version of shake, and so far pretty damn good. There are a number of new features, and a slew of fixes and requests that should finally make us much happier this time around. Finally we get a 3D Compositor!!! And the enhanced node view has some great features!

Here are some of the Features from apple.com/shake

Unified 2D/3D Compositing

Shake delivers the most efficient compositing operations for handling large images with pristine quality. From full 32-bit float Keylight and Primatte keyers to OpenGL-accelerated 3D multi-plane compositing, no other visual effects software delivers as complete a toolset for individual artists and full visual effects facilities.

* 3D Multi-plane Compositing
* Enhanced Node View
* Resolution Independence
* Tracking on Rotoshape Points
* 32-bit Keylight and Primatte
* Truelight Monitor Calibration

Advanced Image Processing

Shake leads the way in integrating the latest image processing technology into a single, affordable visual effects package. Shake’s Optical Flow technology uses pixel-by-pixel image analysis to create smooth retiming, incredible high quality resizing and automatic stabilization. The results are cleaner, sharper and more natural-looking images.

* Optical Flow-based Retiming
* Smoothcam and Tracking
* Shape-based Warping and Morphing
* Auto-Align

Ok, so here is that cool Citroen Transformer Dancing Car Commercial ~enjoy

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