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May 27, 2005

Final Shots, Breakdowns, and Extra Features

Have been added to my demo reel section of meyemind.com. Updated with work from Constantine and Son of the Mask, and also includes a couple extras from Starship Troopers 2.


final shots, breakdowns, and extra features

Here is a shot build up I created from one of my Hell Apartment shots in Constantine. It will be featured along with other Tippett Studio work in Siggraph's 2005 Animation Theatre. (Tippett Studio Creates) "Hell L.A." & "Vermin Man" in "Constantine"

HA090 buildup (30mb)
- (Digital Backgrounds CG Element Layers and Compositing Layers)

HA100 (5.53mb)
- Constantine gets up from Angela's apartment now in Hell LA.

HF070 (1.62mb)
- Constantine walks the Hell Freeway as a scavenger demon emerges behind him from a smuldering ever decaying car.

HF210 (435kb)
- Nearing the climax of the sequence Constantine runs toward Angela's sisters wrist tag escaping the scavengers.

VM150 Breakdown (10.4mb)
- Breakdown as Constantine runs infront of on-coming traffic away from the Vermin Man, made of bugs he breakd form flies infront of Constantine and forms infront of him.

VM150 TAGS (1.66mb)
- Tag Channels for the CG car and Vermin Man allowing me to isolate and treat different pieces of the CG creature and vehichle.

VM155 Breakdown (4.57mb)
- Close up on the Vermin Man's face, as he readys to strike Constantine, not realizing that on-coming traffic is about to crash into him.

VM155 xRay (973kb)
- This is a pass from a normals render using the blue channel which is like an xRay shader, what it shows us is how many bugs and FX are driving this creature made entirely of bugs and nasty critters.

CH3 (2.68mb)
- Otis after a bone exploded in his mouth, baby Alvey from ILM scares him with a good old Lions Roar! Practical smoke elements are composited in.

CH4 (3.03mb)
- Otis then shoots up to a chandelier grips and holds on for dear life...fx chards of charred otis fall to the ground

OB5 (2.01mb)
- The God Odin speaks to Loki from the heavens between the clouds. I was responsible for the look, atmospherics, god rays, and over all CG clouds with the sky matte painting integration.

OV1 (3.84mb)
- Otis spends a romantic evening with his love interest Venus in luxury. Responsible for the star filter effect over the shot and integration of our CG Otis head into the real dog on sets body.

OW6 (1.61mb)
- Odin speaks to Loki this time via a nightlight plugged into a socket in the wall, projected on and in the walls in the room. Responsible for constructing, color matching, and tracking together pieces of the set and walls from clean plates with a green screen foreground.

DVD features from Starship Troopers 2 showcase a couple breakdowns on my shots ZA12 and SP3,
with commentary by the VFX Supervisor Eric Leven.

ZA12 breakdown (17.8mb) - (storm rise and crash)
SP3 breakdown (6.24mb) - (spy bug pulled out of head)

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