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June 26, 2005

VES 2005 Review & Aftermath

Is Coming Soon...

I started to write a brief review of what was covered during VES on Saturday, but it's turned into a more complete documented review and thoughts of the event. I will probably be breaking it up into a couple sections.

Stay Tooned...

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June 23, 2005

Constantine - Post Production Summary

I received the July Issue of Cinefex, #102 in the mail today! I ended up creating 5 hi res stills from my hell apartment shot showing a few stages of the shot for Cinefex, but it looks like none of them made it in the issue, :( A good number of other Tippett Shots did though. I was thinking that Constantine wouldn't get a very big spread considering it's tossed in with Star Wars III, Sin City, and Hitchickers's Guide, but it's a nice sized article covering Constantine's VFX, good stuph, just dissapointed the stills we sent that I worked on didn't make it in...

One thing to note is that they do show 2 shots of the Vermin Man done by ESC in this issue, 2 of which didn't make it into the movie and were re-worked and extended by Tippett Studio. The work they did on Vermin Man though was very cool, so it's good to see ESC's work on VM in there.

A Warner Brothers Release
Directed by Francis Lawrence

Special Effects

SPecial Effects Supervisor - Allen Hall

Makeup & Animatronics

Stan Winston Studio
demon character designs & animatronics / exorcism prosthetics / Vermin Man suit/ Balthazar makeup / holy water flesh burns
Makeup & Animatronics Supervisors - John Rosengrant, Shane Mahan

Visual Effects

Visual Effects Supervisor - Michael Fink
Visual Effects Producers - Donna Langston, Denise Davis

Tippett Studio
Hell environments / demonic extrusions / exorcism / Vermin Man / Mammon / Chas angel
175 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Craig Hayes

ESC Entertainment
Anela abduction / time slows / Vermin Man / sprinkler sequence / CG Balthazar
135 shots
Visual Effects Supervisors - George Murphy, Greg Juby

CIS Hollywood
L.A. Exteriors / Hennessy death / Balthazar makeup manipulation / shattered Balthazar / Satan drags Constantine
146 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Bryan Hirota

cattle dying / Beeman's death / electric chair / light command
16 shots
Visual Effects Supervisors - Colin Strause, Greg Strause

Furious FX
demon eyes / Hennessy eye rollbacks / wing embers / CG veins / water into wine
22 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - David Lingenfelser

New Deal Studios
miniature construction & photography - Angela's office destruction
Miniature Effects Supervisor - Ian Hunter

Hatch Production
5 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Deak Ferrand

Pacific Title
traffic light removals/ misc fixes
16 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - David Sosalla

3D animatics
Previz Supervisor - Rich Lee

Illusion Arts
Constantine apartment matte painting
1 shot
Matte Artists - Syd Dutton

Fantasy II
water & cloud elements
Visual Effects Supervisor - Gene Warren, Jr.

-CINEFEX 102 p38, July 2005

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June 20, 2005

2005 VES - VFX Festival

I'll be heading on down to LA this Saturday, June 25th for the 2005 VES Festival with Aruna, this will mark my 3rd VES Festival, and I love'em. It's a great opportunity to sit in front of a panel watching some of our industry professionals discuss and showcase their latest work and accomplishments. It's a fun atmosphere to be around fellow industry artists, and industry icons, where you have a chance to interact, ask questions, meet and greet, it's great!

Check out Saturdays Schedule!?!

Distinguished Visual Effects Supervisor Mike Fink takes us on a tour of the evolution of visual effects.

Panel featuring the visual effects team from CafeFX, The Orphanage and Hybride who brought Robert Rodriquez' vision to life

From 300 visual effects in the original STAR WARS to over 2000 in the current installation, this panel will feature the visual effects wizards from ILM who created the magic in STAR WARS III

Academy Award® winners Jim Rygiel and Richard Edlund in conversation

VFX leaders who create the industry's hottest games talk about this rapidly expanding and money-making area of the visual effects industry. Moderator Richard Taylor leads a lively conversation with panelists that include Lorne Lanning, Glen Entis (Madden, NFL Football, Underground) and others to be confirmed.

Screening preceded by panel with Visual Effects Supervisors Janek Sirrs and Paul Franklin from Double Negative

For more information please visit: www.vesfestival.org

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June 4, 2005

Effects Omelette - Siggraph Sketch

Wednesday, 3 August
1:45 - 3:15 pm
Hall B
Session Chair: Diego Gutierrez, Universidad de Zaragoza

Highway To Hell

For "Constantine," we had to create a highly stylized depiction of hell. A 3D world was rendered with burning sky, crumbling buildings, flying debris, and crawling demons.

Jay Heapy
Tippett Studio
jay (at) tippett.com

Matt Jacobs
Tippett Studio

- Siggraph 2005 Sketches "Effects Omelette"

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June 1, 2005

The Connection was Refused...

Last Friday (5.27.05), vfxblog featured meyemind.com after I updated my demo reels page with new clips and breakdowns. Over the weekend a number of other 3d websites posted a short description of the same linking to my demo reels page causing a huge amount of traffic traveling through meyemind.com. It has been exciting to have so many people from all over the world visit my site and hopefully enjoy the work they see. Thank you.

Last night, unfortunatley I had to shut the server down hosting these clips because it was slowing down everything over here to a crawl. I apologize for those of you still trying to download from my demo reel clips and shots, all I can say for now is stay tuned, hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will get the server back up and running with a user cap limit.

Came From:

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