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September 20, 2005

7 Day Weeks...

Now that the lap of luxury staying at the Duxton Hotel has expired, my rental car days over, I find myself walking about 3km to and from work up a fairly steep hill. It takes me about 20-25min to get down the the hill to work, and about 30-35min to get up it, it's good for me though, and I need it sitting on my ass all day. There's a pretty big storm coming, so the winds were blowing me around tonight on the way home, and it's damn cold, but I was spared with rain... for now.

Have I mentioned that I'm staying with former Tippett Trooper Jeff Johnson here in Miramar? I'm staying in one of the rooms in this 3 bedroom house on the hill overlooking the ocean, it's a beautiful view and an awesome place to live, so I'm going to enjoy what little of it I can...

Which brings me to us being given the official word that everyone is now on 7 Day weeks at Weta, in order to complete some 1200+ shots left on Kong. Do the math... its just krazy. =/ This is how the collective at Weta feels: (donkey --->)


Posted by dschnee at September 20, 2005 12:32 AM