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September 3, 2005

Arrival to New Zealand

Whew! What a journey it has been for me… I departed SFO to LAX about an hour and a half late, which meant by the time I arrived at LAX, a runner rushed me to the gate to board my plane from LAX to Auckland, NZ… this meant that my luggage wasn’t going to make it to Auckland with me for the 12 hour flight… Ok, so it happens. The 12 hour flight wasn’t half bad, I slept through most of it with out too much discomfort.

Then the fun begins...

I arrived in Auckland, about 5:15am local time, it was on this flight I lost a day, it’s 5:15 on Friday, I left on Wednesday… I went through customs, and waited at the baggage claim in case my luggage might have made it… but nope. I ventured on, well after a cute sniffing dog from customs stuck her muzzle in my bag. I had half of a turkey sandwich in it the day before, and that’s what she smelt. So I was ok, my smuggling days have long since past. I made it over to the baggage services and have come to find that my luggage was on it’s way to Melbourne, Australia, which then would go to Auckland, then to Wellington, and on to my Hotel at the Duxton. Sounds easy enough right?

By the time I was finished, I had to rush over to the domestic terminal to catch my flight to Wellington. So I jogged about 1km, rushed up to the gate, got on board, and sat… and sat… and sat longer. Due to the dense Fog, we were not able to take off on time. We sat in the plane for a good hour waiting for it to let up for the minimum visibility range. Once we achieved that range, a generator powering the lights on the runway broke down, this meant that our visibility range now had to clear up a substantial amount more… But the fog got worse. Long story short we sat on the runway for 2.5 hours before running out of enough fuel to make the flight to Wellington, turned back and the flight was cancelled.

Ok, so I just need to catch another flight… the next flight was 12pm, but that was full, so 3pm would be the next flight for me. So I hung out at the Auckland airport for the better part of the day, went to some shops, had a bite to eat, checked my email, contacted some loved ones, etc.

A couple hours before my flight I ended up at the airport bar have a few pints with a Kiwi Fisherman and an older Ausie man. This was pretty cool talking to them about a variety of things from rugby, fishing, locals, things to go see and do, petrol, you name it. So I lost track of time, and again needed to jog over to catch my flight 1km away, I arrived over there sweaty and panting, to find out that my 3pm flight has been delayed until 5pm! Son of a Bitch!

The 5pm flight was delayed only until 5:15pm, I arrived in Wellington shortly after 6pm, and a runner from Weta took me over to the Duxton Hotel in downtown Wellington. My luggage arrived the next day about 5pm’ish… The next day the Auckand Airport was closed down due to fog… never easy. =)

The Duxton Hotel? Simply awesome, they set you up in a really kick ass suite and make you feel like a king, it’s really, really nice here.


Posted by dschnee at September 3, 2005 11:32 AM