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October 15, 2005

Birthday Abroad

I received a huge box full of goodies from my lovely girlfriend Rebecca, including a new sweatshirt and beenie for the chilly walks to and from work... it was so fun go get a huge package over here and tear into it finding all sorts of great gifts, perfect! Thank you Love!

So it's Saturday, I'm at work, and it's me birthday... just another day right? Didn't take the day off as some asked why? but I spent it working but left a bit early to catch a flick with Jeffj. We went to the Cinelounge and caught '40 year old virgin'. Now the unique and cool thing about the cinelounge is that the seats are damn near lazy boys, you can have drinks(beer, wine, cocktails) brought out to you during the show, as many as you like, there's free popcorn, and you don't have to cram up next to a stranger, you have an assigned seat. I wish they had these in the states! As for 40 Year Old Virgin, pretty damn funny, some great laughs, it was a fun movie.

After that we went to a bar the Weta folk frequent, 'The Motel', had a number of drinks and hung out for a few, it was a laid back but enjoyable night.

This is my second year in a row I've been away for my birthday, as last year I was on my way home from a great roadtrip with my girlfriend. We were in Salt Lake City, Utah on our way back from Colorado.

so how young am I? twenty-five, err eight, 28...


Posted by dschnee at October 15, 2005 10:17 PM