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October 30, 2005

Kong Weighs In...

Kong has been on a rampage in the news as of late, with PJ not cutting like most of us working on the vfx would hope (less work), the film weighs in around 3 hours at the moment ('A Big Gorilla Weighs In')... Kong has gone over budget to something like $207 million, I think it cost $240 million for all 3 Rings movies, so there is your contrast... ('Jackson pays monster fine for taking 'King Kong' over budget')

Also Jackson has done some work to recreate the lost 'spider pit' sequence from the original King Kong film using the same techniques used in 33', stop-motion, rear-screen projection, glass matte paintings, and miniature shoots, then mucked up to match the quality of the original film. This will be on the Peter Jackson's Production Diaries DVD, can't wait to see that, should be neat. ('Jackson Makes a Lost Scene')

-from 'DVD producer saddled with 'Kong'-size task'

Official US Kong Teaser Poster and a new Trailer drops on Thursday

So on thursday November, 3rd, Access Hollywood is going to premiere the new Kong trailer, with it available for download on their website shortly after it airs.

I've seen it, it looks amazing, but god damn, they show way too much! :(

As for me, it's the home stretch, 4 more weeks to go, and I'm happy as hell because all of the rest of my shots are monkey shots from the Kong Kapture sequence... =p

ok, back to work...


Posted by dschnee at October 30, 2005 11:57 AM