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October 3, 2005

Kong's Production Diaries go to DVD

Universal is releasing a production DVD just one day prior to the theatrical release of King Kong. (December 14th so the DVD to release December 13th). Here is the details in short:

"The DVD collection, expected to be priced at $39.98, features the journals from the first eight months of production ending with principal photography as well as original footage produced specifically for the DVD and a 50-page four-color book."

"The continuing video journals featuring Jackson and all the stars and crew at work on the movie, as well as early looks at the various incarnations of the giant ape have been posted regularly all year at fan web site KongIsKing.net. The shorts were produced by Lord of the Rings DVD production company Pellerin Multimedia Inc."

Head on over to Video Business Online for the complete article.

It's a bit weird that they are marketing and releasing this a day before the film opens, but regardless it should be a great way to experience the journey it took to make King Kong, very cool indeed.


I remember watching the extra features on one of the Lord of the Rings DVDs and seeing the crew gether in the theatre to watch 'monthlies' a recap of all the glorious finals from the past month. This Friday past, we were all invited for Kong Monthlies, and it had been over a month since they had done it last, so there was tons of work on screen, all cut to interesting choices of music, all fun, comedic, and entertaining. The work? simply amazing, I was pretty blow away by all of it... I can't say much more, but it's just insane. So happy to be even a tiny part of this big monkey movie!


Posted by dschnee at October 3, 2005 8:25 AM