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November 19, 2005

End of Days

...what feels over before it began, here it is my final day at Weta... 2 Shots left, one big one, and the other tossed at me a day ago which I will do a bit more on then pass it off to focus on getting my big shot out the door by tonight.

It's defenately bittersweet... It was the last day for 4 compositors including myself. I was hoping to get out of there in the early afternoon, but alas I needed to wait on some final rockstar TD renders from Michael Grobe which had me waiting until later in the night... This did give me time to say my good-bye's and gather my things before I leave the shop for the last time. Putting in over 100 hours the last few weeks doesn't leave much time to stop and clean up and sort everything for departure, so it was a fairly stress free evening once I got my final TD renders in the comp. Cooked it on the renderwall and off to show George Murphy our shot. Just a couple of final tweaks (for the dvd crowd) and I was home free! Just needs the PJ Approval tomorrow morning in Film.

There is still 8 more days left for the digital crew as the drop dead is November 27th, so I felt bad leaving a week before kong wraps... but I couldn't help it with my travel plans as my girlfriend flies into Wellington tomorrow morning... they tried to convince me to bring her to work the next couple of days though... ;)

Whats next? a solid week of travels through the north island of New Zealand, off to Fiji for a few nights, then back to New Zealand for a short stint, then it's back to the states for some more R+R.


Posted by dschnee at November 19, 2005 7:08 AM