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November 5, 2005

Monthlies + The Kong Trailer

Final Monthlies?

We are under a month to go, and last night we had monthlies, huge respect to the people that bring this together, mainly editorial who slave over entertaining us with around 40 minutes of finals from the past month, the work is simply jaw dropping, Kong looks amazing, and it's a blast to see the sequences cut to perfect selections of music. A number of people also walked out with a few tears (and this isn't even how we'd see it ini the film)... as beauty killed the beast...

wow, what a great experience it's been to be here, I'm so happy to be even such a small part of this project... It's because of nights like these that I realize why I'm over here, doing what I love, such a boost to take a step back and truly see why we are putting in all these long hours, it's priceless.

On that note, check out the trailer below:

This thing speaks for itself... (so they show a bit too much), that aside, how can you not be energized to see this movie? The end as kong leaps up to swipe at the plane, ahhhh freaking great! I like that they are playing the dramatic level of this monkey movie as well.


Posted by dschnee at November 5, 2005 12:10 AM