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November 30, 2005

Kong Goodies as of Late...

Since I've been on vacation with out much internet access, and my last week at Weta didn't leave me much time to update, here are a few tidbits of kong goodies to catch up with...

Cinefex has an Online Exclusive with Peter Jackson on King Kong

Here are a few TV Spots:

:30 "Tremble"
:30 "Unknown"
:60 "Unknown"

And feast on the latest Production Diary - 3 Weeks To Go which includes bits from our end, the compositing. Finaly! Should be interesting to see if they continue the production diaries right up until the release...

and WOW, my housemate was watching the tv ads between his show "LOST" and I just saw my first Kong shot in a new TV Spot on the tele, Sahweeet! A few frames of Kong landing on the natives wall, you see him grab onto a ledge and pull himself up, a nice shot of this silverback. Once I find this new TV Spot I'll post it up here!


Posted by dschnee at November 30, 2005 7:11 AM