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December 6, 2005

Jackson's Kong finally unveiled

Last night with the premiere of King Kong in New York. A full scale Kong was set up in Times Square and there are some pictures here.

There are a slew of reviews out there, none of which I'm reading but they all look positive and seem to love the film. Rottentomatoes.com so far is @ 100%. Kongisking.net has tons of updates so go over there and get your fill on the latest Kong Updates...

The official site has put up 4 more TV SPOTs which include some of the last shots worked on in the shop and it's very exciting to see them completed and looking great. 3 of them also have that one shot from behind Kong grabbing hold of the native wall, it was my first shot with the monkey in it(well I did a shot with just his mit prior to that one), and it's fun to see it in the tv spots!

Here are some more TV Spots:


Over @ vfxblog.com there is a decent spread on some of the vfx of Kong with an interview with VFX Soup Ben Snow.


Posted by dschnee at December 6, 2005 7:56 PM