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February 9, 2006

Mantastic 2006

Over the past month I've been involved in a company sponsored event, Mantastic 2006, a beard growing contest among 35 of us at the studio. 8 Mantastic Styles, The Amish(backstreetboys), The Amish Goatee(cult classic), The Lemmy(motorhead), The Neanderthal(uhhgg, food good, fire bad), The Selleck(fruity), The Muttonchops(what I got), The Handlebars(hulkamania), and The Neckbeard(nasty)!

We start off clean shaven, and through the luck of the draw we have a style chosen for us that we have to wear for One full month... and.

Through the magic of space and time this past Monday was week #4 of our check in, so you can see the progression from man to mantastic. Many have entered few will win, actually I didn't for my style, but I lost to a worthy apponent (I was robbed!) in the Muttonchop division, dude looks like a sabre-tooth tiger with his gray patches down the sides of his cheek. anyhow...

To catch up on the entire adventure that is Mantastic 2006 visit:


Here is my progression... you ain't got Mutton on my Chops!


Posted by dschnee at February 9, 2006 5:24 PM