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March 16, 2006

Crew Screening of The Shaggy Dog

Tonight was Tippett Studio's crew screening of Disney's The Shaggy Dog! I was excited to bring my cousin Mellissa and my pops to the show this time around. Now I asked my cousin (who is 14), if she would have gone to see it had she not came tonight... and she honestly told me yes, that her and a few of her friends were planning to go see it. I thought that was great!

What typically happens before the lights dim to darkness and we enjoy the show, is the VFX Supervisor gets down in front and says a few words about the work we did and such, but Tom Schelesny is off in New York working on set for Disney's 'Enchanted'. So our Comp Lead, Alan Boucek and back for a special visit former Tippett CG Supervisor Matt Robbinson delighted us with a brief overview of work completed on Shaggy Dog, and they both went into a round robbin of thanking departments, and even giving shout out's to most all of the individuals involved in bringing our work to the silver screen. Sadly, comp was pretty much left out, but all is good and everyone else was recognized, well almost everyone:

Alan (at the screening last night, after his and MMR's speeches): "We forgot Roto!"
Kane: "We're used to it! F@%# off!"

As for the movie... a few heart warming craft cheesey macaroni moments aside, this was a damn fun flick to watch, if your here to watch The Shaggy Dog, I think you enjoyed it, I mean your watching another re-make, and it is a man, freaking Tim Allen, who changes back and forth into a sheep-dog for frog-dog's sake! But Tim Allen does do a fine funny job with the physical comedy and if you own a dog especially the stuff is funny.

The effects... hmmmm, well there was some brutal stuff, but 98% of it wasn't ours, cough, (long shots of shaggy dog surfing) cough*

Anyhow a good time, and it was cool to see something different as the credits rolled, apart from the white text over black screen.


Posted by dschnee at March 16, 2006 7:45 PM