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April 7, 2006

Ray Harryhausen visits the Studio

Yes, Happy Friday Indeed! stop-motion legend Ray Harryhausen came to Tippett Studio today part of his book tour for The Art of Ray Harryhausen. He had lunch in one of our screening rooms with some premium Tippett folks, and afterward held a signing of books and posters for the crew. He came by last year signing Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life, but I couldn't make it that day, but did have my book signed!

This time around I was here for the signing, but didn'thave him sign his book, instead a co-comper found a hi-rez Clash of the Titans poster online. It had some fold marks and other blemeshes in it, but he cleaned it up nicely and had a couple 11x17" premium matte finish posters printed up. So I had this puppy signed. When It was my turn, I presented it in front of Mr. Harryhausen, and he asked me where I got it... (this was after my co-comper had already had his signed) "ahhh...you know...found it on the internet, had it printed up" eek... ;) Anyhow, a picture was taken of him actually signing my poster below.

Photography by Ralph Granich

It was truly an honor and a rare treat to be graced by one of our industries most influential artist, special effects living legend, stop-motion icon, Ray Harryhausen.


Posted by dschnee at April 7, 2006 2:52 PM