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May 26, 2006

Pirates 2 all wrapped up?

well for Tippett at least it looks that way, our last chance to tidy up our shots was tonight, and we have everything out the door for ILM, but come Tuesday I'm sure a few shots will swing back across the bay for some more good compositing lovin'. The sequence we have been working on has been pretty brutal in terms of edges... I've definately never found myself paint fixing on so many shots before this show, which involves a lot of detailed FG elements, actors/pirates, and orlando bloom's (Will Turner) frizzy hair moving quickly with lots of motion blur over an uneven, over expoused sky, and this all adds up to worlds of pain trying to pull keys and generate mattes procedurally, this only gets you so far, then it's Paint-Fix Time! Joy!

The past 2 months working on Pirates of the Caribbean 2 have pretty much flown by, especially the last 3 some odd weeks... putting in some quality 'overtime' hours, that which I haven't done for some time... well, since I was working in New Zealand on Kong.

We still have a solid month before the most entertaining movie of the year comes out to a theater near you... In the mean time here are some fantastic pirates links:

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