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May 18, 2006

VFX Compositors Group Map

vfx comp mapI was looking around on Amazon.com, I see this 'plog' message, and it's from Ron Brinkmann, it takes me to his profile page where he links to this Frappr!? group map that contains members of people who read/own his book The Art and Science of Digital Compositing. Seeing how cool this Frappr thing is I decided to make a group map that other compositors in the industry can add themselves to, and here it is below: So far it's just me and Aruna(but growing), but if your a fellow comper working in the industry or a student, by all means;
Add yourself!.

Scour the Earth for other Compositors!!! (also a great map of vfx/anim studios, 35 studios so far... keep adding to it)

See Also: VFX Comp Map - vfxcomp.meyemind.com


Posted by dschnee at May 18, 2006 3:00 PM