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August 24, 2006

King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition

Saw this one coming... but I'm excited to see the extra what? ~230 vfx shots!!! and to see all the more fleshed out sequences, and ones that were left on the cutting room floor put in there will be great! I definately felt cheated at the content the put on the regular special edition of Kong... and I knew they were going to continue to work on stuff for the dvd, I can't wait! Kong is too long, and with this edition much too long, but it will fantastic to see the work! sweet-as Weta!

via-My Two Cents @ thedigitalbits.com (from 7.27.06):
Here you go... Universal has finally sent over the complete DVD details and cover art for the King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition, due to street on 11/14 (SRP $34.98). The 3-disc set will include a 13-minute longer version of the film in anamorphic widescreen video, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. The film will be split over the first two discs in the set. The new footage will include over 230 additional special effects shots. Some 40 minutes worth of additional deleted scenes will be included separately on the 3-disc set as well. Here's the disc by disc breakdown:

Disc One - The Film, Part One - audio commentary with director Peter Jackson and co-writer/producer Philippa Boyens, 16 deleted scenes

Disc Two - The Film, Part Two - audio commentary with director Peter Jackson and co-writer/producer Philippa Boyens, 5 featurettes (The Eighth Blunder of the World, The Present, A Night in Vaudeville, Kong Kong Homage, Weta Collectibles) and theatrical trailers

Disc Three - The King Kong Archives - introduction by Peter Jackson, 8 featurettes (The Origins of King Kong, Pre-Production, Part 1: The Return of Kong, Pre-Production, Part 2: Countdown to Filming, The Venture Journey, Return to Skull Island, New York, New Zealand, Bringing Kong to Life, Part 1: Design and Research, Bringing Kong to Life, Part 2: Performance and Animation), 5 video galleries (The 1996 King Kong, The Venture, Skull Island, New York, Kong), 5 Pre-Viz Animatics (Arrival at Skull Island, Bronto Stampede, T-Rex Fight, Kong's Capture, Empire State Building Battle), 3 Motion-Capture/Animation Comparisons (Ann Disarms Kong, Kong's Capture, Kong in New York), DVD credits, the 1996 and 2005 screenplays (via DVD-ROM) and more

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, you'll be able to purchase the same 3-disc set in a King Kong: Deluxe Extended Limited Edition DVD Gift Set (SRP $79.98) in collectible packaging, which will also include "A beautifully crafted King Kong figurine, created exclusively for the package by the Oscar-winning artists at Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, the company responsible for the film's creature design, special makeups, miniatures and dazzling visual effects." Here's a look at the DVD cover artwork for the King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition and also the new figurine that will be found in the Gift Set...


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