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November 14, 2006

King Kong Deluxe Extended Edition Out Today!

A year in the making... take in some air...and the King Kong 3 Disc Deluxe Extended Edition is out today, whew. Everything I was hoping they would get in there is in there. They swept up the shots off the cutting room floor and completed them for our viewing pleasure. Kong's Capture sequence was a lot longer and had some great shots of Kong doing damage to the native architecture, all this and a ton more seems to be here. They had dvd crews coming through the comp department a number of times, and I was always disappointed that they never really put out a TD and Compositing video diary of the stuff we were cranking out... so again, I'm hoping all those goods will be in this edition.

So if you want the Limited Edition Weta sculpture of Kong climbing the Empire State Building you'll need to take in another breath for the... King Kong Deluxe Extended Limited Edition DVD Gift Set, ohhhBboy.

*King Kong (3 Disc Deluxe Extended Edition)Amazon*com
*King Kong (Deluxe Extended Limited Edition DVD Gift Set)Amazon*com

King Kong Extended Edition: Disc One

* 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation
* English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Track
* Commentary with Director Peter Jackson & Producer Phillipa Boyens Part 1
* Sixteen Deleted Scenes (Totalling around 40 Minutes)
* English SDH, Spanish, French Subtitles

King Kong Extended Edition: Disc Two

* Commentary with Director Peter Jackson & Producer Phillipa Boyens Part 2
* The Eighth Blunder of the World Featurette
* The Present Featurette
* A Night in Vaudeville Featurette
* King Kong Homage
* Weta Collectables
* Selection of Trailers

King Kong Extended Edition: Disc Three

* The King Kong Archives
* Introduction by director Peter Jackson
* The Origins of King Kong Documentary
* Pre-Production Part 1: The Return of Kong
* Pre-Production Part 2: Countdown to Filming
* The Venture Journey Featurette
* Return to Skull Island Featurette
* New York, New Zealand Featurette
* Bringing Kong to Life Part 1: Design and Research
* Bringing Kong to Life Part 2: Performance and Animation
* The 1996 King Kong Video Gallery
* The Venture Video Gallery
* Skull Island Video Gallery
* New York Video Gallery
* Kong Video Gallery
* Arrival at Skull Island Pre-Viz Animatic
* Bronto Stampede Pre-Viz Animatic
* T-Rex Fight Pre-Viz Animatic
* Kong's Capture Pre-Viz Animatic
* Empire State Building Battle Pre-Viz Animatic
* Ann Disarms Kong Motion-Capture/Animation Comparison
* Kong's Capture Motion-Capture/Animation Comparison
* Kong in New York Motion-Capture/Animation Comparison
* DVD Credits and 1996 and 2005 Scripts (DVD-ROM)


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