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December 18, 2006

Charlotte's Web Screening Review

Ok, Ok, Ok... I admit it, my bad, I sincerely have to eat all my words and take back all the 'creepy comments' I've had for the look of the spider Charlotte, I thought she looked fantastic! Especially in the spring time when she was healthy. But the work Rising Sun did with the web making sequences and camera work, and the look, feel, and animation of the webbing was very well done.

Onto the movie itself, Humble, Radiant, and Terrific pretty much sums it up. I thought it turned out great, it flowed by with ease and the near 2 hours felt like 1 and a half. The opening and closing credits were done in the style of Garth Williams Illustrations like the images from the book come to life in 2.5D, traveling through the images in 3D space (think the opening credits for Carnivale). watch it here!

The Rat did in fact Rule, especially for his close up's, the fur and animation looked damn good seing it so large on screen. It was very cool to see Tippett's work come and go through out the film as well, a lot of times we will work on one or 2 sequences and we see our work then that's it... but everytime we see Templeton, we ge to see the work!

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The crows were halarious, I really wished they got some corn though... I worked on a pretty tough shot after they were chasing Templeton in the junk yard they crash into big metal fridge and land in some pepto bismo pink paint, it looked really blue from the DI or color timing... much too blue for my taste, but It was still fun to see.

Wilbur was voice cast perfect, I enjoyed evertime Dominic Scott Kay said "Great Name!" and the work that R+H did with Wilbur was great as well, even the back flip, ;) - R+H always rocks the mouth replacement stuff though.

Lastly, the work that really was fun to see was the 'weeeeeeeeeee' sequence that I think Fuel handled with all the tiny spiderlings crawling from the egg sack and casting their webs in the air flying away, it was so cool and so well done, the voices, the animation, the intigration, all superb.

Ok, I know I've given it a lot of praise, but what can I say I liked it, it pulled on your heart-strings a bit and I'm proud of the work Tippett Studio did on it, and proud that I got to work on a few shots for a great movie for children, one I will get to show mine someday.

I can mention some dislikes though, the geese felt way too puppeted and felt very odd most all the time. (sorry Fuel) I think Fuel did the talking geese, but they obviously didn't do complete head and neck replacements just beak work for the dialog, so it's not their fault, :) Not a movie killer but a bit hard to watch.

There is also a noticalbe progression with the look of Templeton, and I think the DI had a role to play in it, Templeton looked very contrasty and dark in the first sequence, and over the course of the movie he had a better filled in light quality to him really showing off the look of him and the fur, some of this was the ever improving look of the rat, but the color timing and DI didn't help us out, :)

And I must admit as much as I liked the look of Charlotte the spider, as she aged and looked more sickly and desaturated It wasn't really working for me anymore... and we never did get to see the crows again after the fair, we needed one more sequence or even a few more shots to bring them back and finish their development off.

It was a fun night, the experience of watching it with the entire crew is always a good time, we get to hear a few choice words and stories from the supervisors, we laugh at the horrid previews, cringe at some others, clap when we finally get to see our first Templeton sequence play through, and bask in some of the other visual sequences from the other talanted vendors, while sharing our work with friends and family enjoying what turned out to be, dare I say it, a great movie.


Posted by dschnee at December 18, 2006 9:46 PM