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March 14, 2007

Enchanted Poster Art

enchantedposter.jpgSaw this poster and more tonight over @ aintItCoolNews.com... good stuph.

"Here's a look at some proposed promotional designs for the film (with placeholder credits and possibly stand ins for the actors). Keep in mind these are all works in progress - final product may vary. NOTE the classic Disney characters in the third poster down! This could be amusing provided they're actually in the film.

ENCHANTED should see release late this year." (November 21rst, 2007)

-aintitcoolnews.com - Behold Yourselves Some ENCHANTED Promotional Art!!

"..with a quick look at ENCHANTED, a title we frequently hear referenced but don't know much about.

It's a Disney film about an animated maiden named Giselle who is displaced from her fairy tale kingdom into the "real" (live action) world of New York City. We're confounded by Giselle's naive idealism (she sings about love & doesn't understand how couples don't always live happily ever after), and she's bewildered by a land in which animals don't talk back to her. Eventually, her fairy tale life also transitions to the real world - including her handsome prince, and an evil queen.

It's got music by Alan Menkin, and is directed by Kevin Lima (TARZAN). It stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Susan Sarandon."

-aintitcoolnews.com - Behold Yourselves Some ENCHANTED Promotional Art!!


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