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June 29, 2007

Industry Legend Phil Tippett Joins // Adapt 2007

Opening the //ADAPT 2007 Conference line up at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Montreal (Sept. 24-28) will be award-winning visual effects supervisor and animation pioneer, Phil Tippett as the Keynote speaker. The conference will also feature sequence supervisor Todd Vaziri from Industrial Light & Magic, who will present segments from TRANSFORMERS, and supervising td Michael Fong from Pixar Animation Studios, who will present segments from RATATOUILLE.

Tippett is the founder of Berkeley-based Tippett Studio. His sophisticated knowledge of filmmaking and powerful ability to design and breathe life into complex animated characters has earned him two Academy Awards, two Emmys and a Special Achievement Award during the course of a career that has spanned over 30 years.

"I am honored to have been invited to this conference to share some of my experience as a filmmaker," Tippett said. "Having participated in the dramatic changeover from creating visual effects for motion pictures photo-chemically (and with models) to now, where nearly everything is being created digitally, I've been allowed a somewhat unique perspective. I intend to bring along fond memories from where we've been, advantages of the current digital age and some trepidation toward the future."

An estimated 2500 digital artists from around the world are expected to attend the industry's second annual creative event focused on inspiring and teaching advanced digital art production techniques for film, visual effects and videogame development. The program includes more than 40 digital art masters, an Art Expo, a Theatre, a Job Fair and much more, soon to be announced.

//ADAPT's Special Feature Presentations program will be open to all attendees. The Special Feature Presentations are geared toward the reveal or making-of a major blockbuster film or high-end videogames released this year. Industry experts will showcase their work and share their creative and artistic expertise.

//ADAPT 2007 tickets are currently available with limited seating. Receive a $100 rebate before Aug. 24. For more information and complete summary of events and tickets, please visit www.adaptmontreal.com.

-source VFXWorld.com


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