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June 11, 2007

Just Visiting...

After Sunday's VEStivities, Monday morning, I walked down Santa Monica Blvd to my old pal Zach Lo's sleek place of employment @ Method Studios. Method is well known for super cool commercials (Sears Tools spots are great!), we both had an instructor while at the Academy of Art who used some of Method's material for comp instruction using Combustion, the cheetah Mountain Dew spot. It was cool see where they have been generating great work for so many years in person. Zach's been there for a number of years now and recently wrapped some cool work on At World's End. It was fun to meet, greet, and tour Method's very cool modern digs.

See Also: Method's Recent Work

Zach and I then took a short ride down the street to Digital Domain and meet up with Aruna for a tour d2...

We pretty much walked through the entire site side from the stage which was closed at the time. :( Lot's of miniatures, especially from The 5th Element dress up corners and walkways all over the place, another sweet section is the whale, there in lies a huge conference table that lives inside what looks like in the belly of an open ended whale, not literally but stylistically, great architecture left there before d2 moved in.

DD is pretty big, we toured through a few buildings, most of which were a bit of a ghost town, because it was lunch time, some on vacation, and others that filled up the desks just over a month ago on Pirates 3 and Transformers off somewhere else as contracts ended...

I saw a few of folks I knew there, always fun to see old colleagues. Later Aruna showed us a quick Nuke trick after we left for some good eats at a local alehouse. We saw where the artists go for shot reviews in smaller screening huts, Aruna showed a couple breakdowns being generated for siggraph from At World's End, and off to the main screening room which was cool. Other sections are in transition, the Nuke folks now with The Foundry are moving to another building down the street, some areas that were loaded with roto artists are going to be reworked to nicer digs, even though to Zach and I all the areas had a decent cool vibe and ambiance.

I've sent a few reels to 300 Rose Ave over the years, so it was good to finally see in and around d2, like 2 blocks from Venice Beach! All and all a fun laid back day hanging with Zach and Aruna.

See Also: www.d2.com Digital Domain has just revamped their site, and it's pretty tight. ~enjoy


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