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November 26, 2007

An Enchanted Thanksgiving for Disney

So Enchanted charmed in $49 million over the 5 day holiday haul, marking the second-biggest boxoffice feast ever over the holiday-lengthened Thanksgiving weekend, this behind Toy Story 2's $80.1 million performance in 1999.

I went with the family, 15 of us in all on Friday night to finally see Enchanted... There was a early screening 2 weeks ago @ Pixar, but I was away in Tahoe that weekend unable to attend. It was definitely worth the wait though, we finished up last May, so it's one of those projects you almost forget about until you see it all again, complete, on screen, all the sounds, bells, whistles with a crowd, and one that's totally engulfed, it was so much fun to watch. Amy Adams gave an amazing almost freaky performance, and the rest were great too, James 'Cyclops' Marsden was pretty damn funny, and the jolly Timothy Spall was great. From Queen to Hag to Evil Queen to Evil Dragon, Susan Sarandon did exceptional job as well.

Our work? I thought it all looked great, truly. The "Happy Working Song" was so much fun. I was hoping I wouldn't cringe at the Queen's big arrival to New York scene, but I did... just a little. I worked really hard on it, but kept feeling as if it turned out a bit hokey. Then I remind myself that she has just emerged from the 2D world, and some of the look and elements involved a more traditional 2D style, while also achieving a level of realism. Anyhow the Dragon/Woolworth/Rain sequence looked really good too, it was great to see everything hold up.

Pip Rocked! The crowd loved him, cheered for him, laughed at him, and cared for him when he was in harms way, kudos to the Animators and Furrocious.

Check out a couple of great articles below about the animation and visual effects of Enchanted: (And I hinted to this in the previous post but I have to mention that we made the First Cut for the VFX Oscar race?!?)

Enchanted: Conjuring Fairytale VFX
Ellen Wolff discovers the charmed life of Enchanted from Tippett VFX Supervisor Thomas Schelesny.


Enchanted by Disney
Joe Strike talks to the creators of Disney's Enchanted, who blended new and old to achieve a style that's both fresh and familiar.


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