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November 21, 2007

Enchanted is Released!

in the USA 21 November 2007

visit Enchanted @ imdb.com

Box Office Results November 21-25, 2007

Number: 1
Weekend Gross: $34,440,317
Theatres: 3,730
Theatre Average: $9,233
Weeks in Release: 1
Total Gross: $49,060,281
Budget: $???
Running Time: 1 hrs. 47 min.
Distributor: Buena Vista
MPAA Rating: PG

Monday, December 3, 2007; Posted: 12:40 AM
The Hollywood Reporter states "Disney's family fantasy Enchanted ruled the domestic box-office for a second consecutive session, grossing an estimated $17 million during the latest weekend. The music-filled Amy Adams film dropped an acceptable 50% from its first Friday-through-Sunday frame while boosting its cumulative box-office to $70.6 million..."

Sun Nov 25, 2007 11:15 PM EST
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Disney's fairy-tale romantic comedy "Enchanted" charmed audiences over the five-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend, taking in more than $50 million at the North American box office.

"Enchanted," which stars Amy Adams as a fairy-tale princess in modern-day New York City, collected $50.1 million for what Disney executives said was the second-highest five-day Thanksgiving weekend box-office tally.

So how will Enchanted do? It's going to do very well... it's had a ton of charming reviews around the interwebs, Roeper & Ebert(Phillips) both enjoyed it!, 93% Fresh at the moment, Everyone loves Amy Adams performance, it's the holidays, it's a movie for kids, that adults will enjoy, sort of a date movie, and has Tippett Studio VFX, what's not to like!?!

The film's producer, Barry Josephson, credited the movie's better-than expected showing to its broad appeal to families and fresh approach, as well as Adams' performance as the wide-eyed princess coping on the mean streets of New York.

"Amy Adams really brought such a great spirit to the character. She truly has just this incredible exuberance you don't often see on screen," Josephson said. "She is a big surprise for people who don't know her. It's a breakout role."

Josephson said "Enchanted" brought in the highest five-day Thanksgiving weekend box office for a non-sequel, trailing only 1999's "Toy Story 2."

"We are ecstatic about it," said Mark Zoradi, president of Disney's motion picture group, who also praised performances by Adams and her co-star, Patrick Dempsey.

"It struck a chord in family movie-going, where it's not only great romantic comedy but it had all those little special things tying back to Disney history and music, and it just played across the board," he said.

BoxOfficeMojo.com's "Enchanted" Statistics


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