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November 2, 2007

The Enchanted Marketing Machine

is in motion... Enchanted has a myspace profile up full of goodies... actually it has the entire "Happy Working Song" sequence with all the vermin Tippett did, very fun sequence to work on, but beware that song can get stuck in your head. The official Enchanted movie website has been updated with a slick pop out book theme to it. There has been some buzz about Amy Adams outstanding performance, Oscar anyone? A number of positive early screening reviews are out there, box office predictions, I've seen posters at the bus stops, billboards in San Francisco, speaking of which The San Francisco Chronicle put out a nifty 22" x 44" glossy Enchanted Poster in with Friday November 2nd's paper! much more to come...

Enchanted on myspace.com

Enchanted — Very, very quietly, this precious little film is garnering a potentially huge following — big even by Disney standards, which is really, really saying something. The mixture of traditional animation and live-action footage, which will likely be totally new to a generation not raised on Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, promises to draw massive numbers of preteens and their families, and word is that Enchanted is tracking so well, a sequel (or two) is all but assured. Never, ever underestimate the power of magic, especially when it comes courtesy of Uncle Walt's company.
BfYB's Projections for Enchanted: $93 million Total B.O. / 3 PTA points / 13 Top 5 points / 6.9 IMDb -fantasymoguls.com


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