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January 27, 2008

Cloverfield Box Office Collapses

ahhh dammit... what is it?

"Cloverfield (Paramount) has absolutely "fallen apart" in its 2nd weekend. It managed only $4.5M on Friday, and it'll lumber to a disappointing $13.1M for the weekend. That would be a horrifying 68% drop, and it'll be in a 3-day photo finish with 27 Dresses (Fox), which appears to be headed for $13M after a $4M Friday." (slashfilm.com)

So Clover has collapsed from #1 to #4 this weekend, behind 27 Dresses, Rambo, and Meet the Spartans? son of a... boxofficemojo.com estimates a $12.7 million showing dropping some 68.3% from last weekend... ouch.

Somebody keep this fantastic thrill ride going! ;)


Posted by dschnee at January 27, 2008 11:42 AM