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January 16, 2008

Cloverfield Reviews

So far, pretty good. A few folks have soured it up as rotten, but all and all...


"Quite frankly, "Cloverfield" is a triumph for fans of the monster genre. The filmmakers create a claustrophobic sense of entrapment that turns the sprawling cityscape of Manhattan into a deadly maze where there is literally no escape. It isn't just a popcorn flick, it's a comprehensive mind-blowing experience.
And for people worried about the film not living up to the hype generated by viral marketing and clever ad campaigns, think again. You will not be disappointed. "Cloverfield" delivers." (moviehole.net)

"Cloverfield is a fun and at the same time Frightening monster movie that goes beyond a simple monster movie. It's exciting in parts, scary in others and does a wonderful job immersing you into the reality of the story in a way that actually makes you believe these horrible events are actually happening. A few cheesy scenes and elements take a little of the glitter off this film, but not a lot. In general, a really good solid movie. Over all I give Cloverfield an 8/10" (themovieblog.com)

"At a breezy 84 minutes long (with credits), the film delivers the roller coaster thrill ride it promises - not the genre-changing action masterpiece that many seem to already be demanding of it. Director Matt Reeves and especially producer J.J. Abrams have a genuine understanding of how to properly pace and convey tension with this kind of material and so keep the action frequent enough to maintain your excitement, but know when to stop and take a breath for some quieter character moments. Ultimately though the secret of "Cloverfield" is that it is simply a clever twist on a very predictable genre, and as such its easy to indulge in the action." (darkhorizons.com)

"Part of my skepticism coming into this film was that it was going to be one of those movies about the people, not the catastrophic action surrounding them. That's not a bad concept but it's been done a lot lately. Luckily, the film succeeds in both arenas and adds up to a monster of a ride (pun alert). Go see it now! In a theater with good sound!" (bloody-disgusting.com)

"Cloverfield is a fun movie. Plain and simple. It's sit back, relax and go. It's a roller coaster ride. JJ Abrams wanted to make an American monster movie, and he has done just that. Cloverfield is not a Godzilla rip-off, it's the reinvention of the monster film. This is the story about characters trapped in a monster film. They aren't the characters that would be in the big Hollywood blockbuster version, or even an D-level take by The Asylum or Troma. These characters are the people running away from Godzilla. They have no urge to defeat the monster, they just want to get away and reconnect with their loved ones. This is a human story which just happens to take place during this gigantic moment of fear. 8/10" (/slashfilm.com)

"But my take on "Cloverfield" is that it basically boils down to a good old fashioned "Disaster Flick", which is well made - and well-acted as well, but ultimately is really as exciting or innovative to me as it was seeing "Independence Day" for the first time - an exciting, ultimately enjoyable picture that I'll grab on DVD for sure, but not that re-defining genre pick that you may have been expecting to see. 4/5 stars" (moviehole.net)

"Putting it simply, "Cloverfield" is a monstrously entertaining motion picture. If you're in need of a thrill ride but can't get to Anaheim or Orlando anytime soon, this is the film that you need to seek out the MLK weekend." (jimhillmedia.com)

"If I'm geeking out too much I'm sorry, I'm not saying it's the best movie EVER, its not. But it is a lot of fun and a hell of a ride. The main thing I'm trying to convey is considering the amount of movies I see in a given year that when something new and interesting like this comes around its like falling in love with the process all over again. Its not meant to be a masterpiece, its not meant to sell toys at McDonalds, its simply meant to give us 90 minutes of escapism and capture our imagination. 5/5 stars" (filmgeekz)

"J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves have created a classic that I guarantee years from now will be remembered as the quintessential monster movie from this decade. The style is such a brave new step into a realm that no one has really touched upon or succeeded in (George Romero's Diary of the Dead was utter crap compared to Cloverfield), that this is a defining moment in both monster movie history and Hollywood history. Once you finally experience, not watch, Cloverfield, you'll understand how incredible it truly is and you'll never forget finally seeing this soon-to-be classic. 9/10" (firstshowing.net)

"When the film ends, you feel like you've seen a movie that is worth forking over your hard earned cash for - and that is what has been lacking at the cinema for some time. It is a genuine action adventure; more heart-thumping than 'King Kong', more intense than 'The Day After Tomorrow', and simply more realistic than other disaster movies that have used New York as its stamping ground in the past." (thecelebritytruth.com)

"In fact, I'm going to say it one more time. Cloverfield is a great ride. It's exciting. It's enjoyable. It's got a great chase vibe to it. I really had a blast watching it. Check it out. Grade A" (filmschoolrejects.com)

"'Cloverfield' a thrill - and you must see it as large and loud as possible. Minor aftershocks can't crumble this mammoth, rock-'em-sock-'em movie, though. It's unapologetically B, what with its magnificent monster, melodramatic smooches, overly scripted comic relief and unsympathetic pecking order. Yet it also is a thrilling, exhausting tale of an incomprehensibly horrible beast lovingly crafted in H.P. Lovecraft's remorseless style. 3 1/2 stars" (galesburg.com)

"Well, the giant lizard genre has been stripped down and brought into the new millennium courtesy of idea man J.J. Abrams, screenwriter Drew Goddard and director Matt Reeves in the form of "Cloverfield" -- think "Godzilla Unplugged" -- with chillingly effective results." (hollywoodreporter.com)

"But even though "Cloverfield" isn't the Godzilla-for-the-YouTube-generation picture that everyone may have been hoping for, it's still a terrific movie, filled with spectacle and a surprising amount of humor, which makes up for its lack of terror or emotional impact." (sfgate.com)

"Do see Cloverfield; it's an outstanding take on the monster movie genre, kicking the shit out of the last Godzilla flick while also offering a poignant commentary on our modern, media obsessed, terrorist-phobic world. And the odd explosion and fighter jet attack don't hurt none, either." (atomicmpc.com)


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