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January 15, 2008

Cloverfield to Screen for ILM before Tippett Studio

George and Steven
So wait, why the hell is ILM getting a screening of Cloverfield tonight?

FACT: ILM did NOT work on Cloverfield.
TRUE: In fact, ILM did NOT have anything to do with Cloverfield.
FACT: Tippett Studio DID work on Cloverfield.
TRUE: In fact, Tippett Studio delivered the gosh dang MONSTER everyone has been trying to figure out!
TRUE: ILM is going to see Cloverfield before Tippett Studio.
FACT: This makes me sad.

OK, so I was just informed... (thank you Nathan)
UPDATED FACT: Skywalker Sound mixed the sound for Cloverfield.
So one could say that technically Lucas in fact, DID have something to do with Cloverfield.

But still, WTF?

I heard that Steven Spielberg had seen Cloverfield right... there after he called his friend George Lucas up on the telephone... and after 'raving' about it(ok not sure on the raving part but he liked it), Steven asked if George had seen it yet? George replies no!?! We have to get a screening of Cloverfield over here at ILM then! A phone call later, wam, bam, shizzam... the Paramount Pictures genie grants ILM with a screening tonight!

FACT: Tippett Studio will be having our Cloverfield Screening tomorrow (Thursday 01.17.08) night, one day after ILM who did NOT work on, nor having anything to do with the highly anticipated JJ Abrams viral marketed and produced U.S. monster flick "Cloverfield", yet one day earlier then the general public.
TRUE: I'm NOT upset by this, OK, I admit I'm a tiny bit jealous, but the fantastic part of all of this... is that Steven Spielberg thought enough of Cloverfield to tell George Lucas about it, and this in turn got George Lucas excited enough to want a Cloverfield screening of his own... sweet as.


Posted by dschnee at January 15, 2008 8:28 AM