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February 8, 2008

A Crystal Skull Before The Spiderwick Chronicles

Paramount will attach the first teaser for "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" to fantasy pic "The Spiderwick Chronicles" on Feb. 14, with the spot to hit the Web shortly thereafter.

Reason for the delay is that the film only recently wrapped, so much of the material that would go into a memorable trailer just wasn't ready until now. (Variety.com)

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Confirmed: 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' Trailer Arrives Next Week (cinematical.com)

and here's a short article about director Mark Waters...
In The Spiderwick Chronicles, director Mark Waters pumps peril and thrill

"The authors were really supportive. They told [coscreenwriter] Karey Kirkpatrick and I, 'You are spending a ton of money on this movie and it has to play bigger than [the 2006 Kirkpatrick-written film] Charlotte's Web in terms of the audience.' We knew we had to pump up the volume a bit, and they were very supportive of us making the action sequences more visceral, more dynamic, and scarier. Of course, we didn't want to lose the kids. I had this barometer in my mind that I wanted to make it scary enough that my five-year-old would want to grab my arm when she was watching but I didn't want her to run out of the room. She got scared by Ratatouille, so she is a wimp. But if I felt that it would make me cringe or her want to look away, then I knew I had gone too far."


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