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February 12, 2008

Spiderwick Stuff + Toys!

I found this article over the weekend 'Spinning 'Spiderwick Chronicles' for the screen' from the New York Daily Times...

Tippett's studio came up with Mulgarath's goblin army, a menacing cave troll and the slobby hobgoblin Hogsqueal (voiced by "Knocked Up's" Seth Rogen). The veteran Tippett, whose creature credits go back to the original "Star Wars" and include the Oscar-winning "Jurassic Park," has seen his business evolve from puppets and people in monster suits to "150% digital. We used to be limited by physical reality. We're much freer now to play with things in terms of performance. It allows things to be alive."

More stuff here with
Supervisors Series: Phil Tippett, Faries, Goblins, and Character Design in The Spiderwick Chronicles

+3 More Video Clips! these showcase our goblins and Redcap in a couple sequences, head on over to filmschoolregects.com

Also some fun stuff, I found some Spiderwick Toys online! There over at: spiderwick.tystoybox.com and they look... OK, just check out the big old sweet torso cross section point of articulation click on em' below:


Posted by dschnee at February 12, 2008 6:41 AM