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February 2, 2008

The Clover is out of the Bag - Monster Revealed!

So I have a lot of info to share about Cloverfield, it's been released in Europe this past week and has been doing really well across the pond. Tippett has sent out this press release 'TIPPETT STUDIO CREATES THE MONSTER THAT DESTROYED MANHATTAN' about our work on the Monster. There is also a great article on the work that Double Negative did on Cloverfield, work that hasn't been getting enough attention, work well worth a ton of attention! It's just that the monster tends to steal the show... hrmmm what else, ohh yeah, so during the season opener of Lost this past Thursday, the came out with this new TV Spot that shows the entire b part of cf045, they actually show the monster stomping his hand into the street and roaring over head, so I guess the cat's out of the bag now... I guess that's what you do when the 2nd weekend drops some 68%... :) I haven't been able to find the new TV Spot online until today, but not only did I find the crappy youtube version, but over on Yahoo Movies! they put up damn near the entire CF (cross fire) sequence online... and in HD!("The Monster Revealed" (1:05)480p, 720p, 1080p) So the 'Clover' is definitely out of the bag...

Just a couple of weeks ago, we were all excited about the Cloverfield Monster making the Cover for Cinefex, but JJ and Paramount wouldn't let us release any pictures of the monster... enough time has passed now and it's too late for a cover, then the release it, well sort of. Were still going to get a small spread in Cinefex #113 but the cover would have been a huge high five.

I only worked on 1 shot in the cross fire sequence, and they only show the tail end of the shot in this sequence, so I trimmed the quicktime to showcase just that shot I worked on, check that out here

How Double Negative Smashed Up Manhattan

'Cloverfield' does well overseas




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