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March 3, 2008

Double Negative's VFX on Cloverfield

Dneg put up their seemless bits performed on Cloverfield, view it on their projects site. ~enjoy

Kudos Dneg, you executed some amazing work! Especially with all the screen pulls and Brooklyn Bridge sequence? awesome.

"Double Negative's main task was to wreak destructive havoc upon New York City. Complex digital environments were built and then attacked with a variety of in-house CG tools. Key scenes involved creating well-known areas such as Park Avenue and high angle views across the city. A detailed digital model of the Brooklyn Bridge was built and then torn apart as refugees from the disaster attempt to flee the rampaging monster and, in the signature shot for the movie, the head of the Stature of Liberty was sent tumbling through the streets of Manhattan." (dneg.com)


Posted by dschnee at March 3, 2008 6:39 AM