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March 9, 2008

Enchanted DVD Review

Enchanted comes to DVD and Blu-ray in the middle of March, the 18th in fact, just in time for this year's early Easter and just shy of four months since it opened in theaters. (ultimatedisney.com)

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For being a high-budget hit with critics and audiences as well as belonging to a much-storied tradition, Enchanted is dealt a surprisingly meager selection of bonus features on DVD.

First and, for some, most is "Fantasy Comes to Life", a section that gives slick, standard behind-the-scenes looks at two musical sequences and the explosive finale.
Interviews, set footage, and glimpses at visual effects in different stages add up to a welcome but fluffy application of ordinary making-of techniques to three of Enchanted's most memorable set pieces. The short featurettes are: "Happy Working Song" (6:25), "That's How You Know" (5:53), and "A Blast at the Ball" (5:27).

A short reel of Bloopers (2:10) provides mild amusement as finished-looking film comes to a halt on forgotten lines and actor falls.

Next come six deleted scenes, which run just 7 minutes and 50 seconds with introductions by director Kevin Lima. Aside from the extended Andalasia opening seen in storyboards, most of these short deletions are forgettable. The same is true of Lima's enthusiastic but generic explanations for the trims.

Pip and his magical nutdust are at the center of "A Pop-Up Adventure", which does fill in a narrative gap, just not in the most memorable way. Though not advertised anywhere on the set, Carrie Underwood's partially-animated "Ever Ever After" music video is found as an Easter Egg. Some should appreciate the simplicity of the Andalasia-set menus, but one wonders how the designers didn't think to include an option to cross into real-life New York City.

Last is "Pip's Predicament: A Pop-Up Adventure" (5:35), an animated short created for this DVD. Somewhat interesting visually (in spite of cost-saving minimalism), the cartoon is otherwise pretty dull as it tells of how the chipmunk and his... nuts help unfreeze Prince Edward and the rest of nature.

The first of two Easter eggs is bound to elicit groans from those sick of hearing about Blu-ray Disc.

It's an 80-second pitch for the film's concurrent Blu-ray release, specifically the exclusive Disney references guide which could have so easily been included here.

The second Easter egg is a more welcome inclusion: the music video for Carrie Underwood's "Ever Ever After" (3:25), which like the film it comes from juggles 2-D animation with live-action New York footage (that looks suspiciously not like New York). The singer and a stubbly vested young man are at the center of both medium's attentions in this goofy but well-meaning presentation of the film's obligatory pop tune.

Far from inspired, the animated main menu settles on a boring Andalasian waterfall after a brief intro. At least, pleasant score excerpts accompany this and static submenus.

The disc opens with a Disney company promo and, after the standard FastPlay prompt, promos play for Disney Blu-ray Disc, Sleeping Beauty: Platinum Edition, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and Disney Movie Rewards. All but the first are also provided on the Sneak Peeks menu along with a Disney Parks commercial and ads for The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning, Minutemen, The Jungle Book 2: Special Edition, "Hannah Montana": One in a Million, and Tinker Bell.

The DVD's artwork largely recreates the film's theatrical one-sheet poster while adding an animated Pip and bluebird. Of course, you're given two ways to admire it because it's duplicated in a drastically embossed, selectively holographic cardboard slipcover. Inside the black keepcase are a scene selections insert and a mini booklet that provides the Disney Movie Rewards code and a coupon for $10 off the Enchanted Blu-ray which expires at the end of next month.

Making utterly clear their clashing life outlooks, Giselle carries a heart wreath and summons doves while Robert stares in serious disbelief. (ultimatedisney.com)


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