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April 23, 2008

Enchanted Sequel On Fast Track?

A foxy little birdie cheeped in my ear – the good one, the other one’s clogged with wax - this morning that Disney is developing a sequel to its staggeringly-successful “Enchanted” – and the production has inched forward significantly in the past month or two, as a direct result of those smashing DVD sales.

How does she knoooooooow?....

This one probably doesn’t need its source fingerprinted or lie-detected, let’s leave it at that.
But really, did anyone expect the House of Mouse not to forge ahead with a follow-up to one of its biggest hits of 2007?
Nah, me either – if a cow is there to be milked, it need look into some teat cream, it’s bound to be tugged a few more times.

Kevin Lima, the chap behind the original, has apparently already spoken to Disney about the sequel. It’s not yet known whether the sequel will reunite Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey – though, if the price is right, it probably will – or fix on a new bunch of characters (who’ll leave toon-town for the bright lights, big city of modern-day America). "That's what the guts of the discussions are about at the moment", we're told. "More soon. Promise".

Something should emerge in the trades soonish, by the sounds… (moviehole.net)


Posted by dschnee at April 23, 2008 12:05 AM