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June 24, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles DVD slash Blu-ray Released!

spiderwick2discr1art.jpg Extras: So many blu-ray titles have been bare bones of late that I really appreciate it when a company steps up to the plate as Paramount is known to do. In this case, the extras almost outweighed the feature itself in terms of entertainment value, requiring me to take a lot longer to finish the complete review but giving me additional insight as well.

The first extra on the disc was a 7:04 minute long clip called Spiderwick: It's All True! The feature was mastered in MPEG-2 but had a HD bitrate for those that care; the show allowing the director to introduce some of the main characters.

This was followed by the 6:44 minute long It's A Spiderwick World where the original authors gave a head's up on the origin of the stories they wrote, providing the background for the modern day fable that led to the movie.

Then came the extensive Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide that essentially combined pages from the artistic book with clips from the movie (in high definition) to outline the characters. There is an "in-movie" version of this as well to give you a look at the creatures as they appear in the flick too but I doubt many will need it since they are written so straightforward and commented on at length.

Then came the Meet the Clan extra lasting 15:54 minutes; detailing the human characters and the actors that play them, a self explanatory 20:53 minute long Making Spiderwick, a 14:23 minute long The Magic of Spiderwick that dealt with the special effects (mainly the animated characters), a quick 1:51 minute long comment from the director with "A Final Word of Advice!", an 8:14 minute selection of deleted scenes (several of which added something to the understanding of the movie's characters), and some theatrical & television trailers for the movie. I liked that the content here was presented in high definition (albeit not given as great a mastering job) but the volume of quality material alone was nicely done. (DVDTalk.com Review)

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