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August 8, 2008

SPORE's a Wrap!

It was a looong week (I put in around 70+ hours), but the crew took it home as we finished this one up just in the nick of time for our Friday crew screening of the freshly completed SPORE spot in 3D! @ Kerner Optical in San Rafael, CA. It looks pretty amazing in 3D on a big screen, that wacky 3D stuff really pops out at ya. The rest of the day was some what relaxing, came back for a crew photo and a BBQ, and we needed to finish prepping all the shots for digital delivery.

Things ended well and I look forward to seeing this spot out there wherever it will show up. It will definitely be playing in front of some 3D movies, but I'm not sure the plan to release a 2D version of the spot... If it shows up somewhere, I'll find it and post it up here though!

Wait so what is SPORE again? here is a brief intro into the game and it's 1rst stage of gameplay, the Cell Stage...


Posted by dschnee at August 8, 2008 3:21 PM