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August 13, 2008

Tippett Studio @ Siggraph 2008

Tippett's making its foray into the 3-D arena, starting to get the hang of this viral video business, and reveal the secrets within "Cloverfield".

I posted this up back in March - Cloverfield Reel Accepted at SIGGRAPH 2008 !?!

Siggraph 2008 is well underway, the first day of the expo starts today, and this afternoon @ 1:30pm Tippett Studio and ILM will reveal some secrets from a couple sweet movies this year...

Wednesday, 13 August
1:45 - 3:30 pm
Hall B
Theme: SIGGRAPH Core

From monster-ravaged streets to the not-so-friendly skies. Tippett Studios demonstrates the evolution of their "Cloverfield" monster, from tactical shot designs that obscured the bulk of the creature to transforming a multi-camera, hand-held shoot into a stunning final reveal. Then, Industrial Light & Magic unveils Tony Stark's lair, the complexities of building an ironman, and how they swapped metal for pixels, rigging, animating, and lighting, before taking him to the skies in "Iron Man."

Ben Snow
Hal Hickel
Doug Smythe
Industrial Light & Magic

Eric Leven
Chris Morley
Devin Breese
Tippett Studio

Here are a couple of articles I found this morning, the first on 3D...
Catherine Owens: 3-D starts in the mind - Siggraph speaker urges auteurs to study format

VFX house Tippett Studio -- whose credits include Disney's upcoming "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" -- is making its foray into the 3-D arena with two soon-to-be-released short format 3-D projects: A theatrical logo for Texas Instruments' DLP Cinema and a theatrical commercial for Electronic Arts' "Spore."

The next talks about the viral videos we created for Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Viva Chihuahua - from the digitalcontentproducer siggraph2008 blog.


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