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October 6, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua opens #1 with $29.3M

Disney's CG-heavy Chihuahua film Beverly Hills Chihuahua placed first in its opening weekend with $29.3M. Per VARIETY, it's the biggest opening for Disney in October ever. The film's vfx work was done by Tippett Studio, Cinesite, Image Engine Design, K.N.B. Effects Group, Kerner Optical, Proof, Realscan 3D and Svengali Visual Effects.

On the VFX:
"With years of experience in the field, visual effects crews have aced the task of manipulating doggie jowls so they convincingly appear to be speaking, although they do seem to have gone overboard with the eyebrows. Instead of striking a familiar expression and holding it, the way real dogs do, these characters digitally-enhanced faces appear to be in constant motion. Two completely CG characters a rat and an iguana (Paul Rodriguez) blend right in, though a mountain lion confrontation seems to have been rendered on the cheap." -Variety.com

VFXWorld Featured Article:
Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Tippett's Chattering Class of Pooches
Ellen Wolff discovers how Tippett refines its Furrocious tool and throws in a few other advancements for Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua ended up 41% Fresh (or Rotten, depending how you look at it) and a Metacritic score of 42.


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