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December 14, 2008

Wolverine Trailer + x-menorigins.com

xMenOriginsComingSoon.jpgIt looks like FOX is going to premiere the wolverine trailer via myspace Monday 7am PST (10am EST), otherwise a slew of crappy youtube versions started to shop up online yesterday, most of which have been taken down?

I didn't go see the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, but 4 of us from work went over to Alameda for lunch Friday to Burgermeister, and right next door to the Alameda Burgermeister is the newly restored Alameda Cineplex, we checked out the show times on the marquee, noticed a 1:30pm show time for TDTESS, lightbulb went off, we should ask the manager and see if we can't sneak in, catch the Wolverine Trailer? The manager was totally cool, he knew of Phil Tippett and the studio, was a big fan, and told us to walk in like we own the place when it was time... so we did, and he brought us up to the best place to see the show, the balcony. The Alameda is huge, an an awesome venue! Now the best part of this story was the story of how we got to see the trailer... watching the trailer was, well, bitter sweet.

We waited through 4 or 5 trailers before Wolverine screened, so there was some build up and we were pretty excited to see it, after all we spent a great deal of time getting out a slew of shots for the trailer... It came, It went... um it was pretty cool, but, ahhh, umm not one of our shots we (as in Tippett) worked on made it into the trailer.

We were all a little bitter and WTF? about it at first, but after some thought we realized that it's pretty cool they didn't show any of it. The bulk of our work is from the third act, so they aren't giving anything away and they could have show some cool shots just to show cool 'wow' shots, but they didn't... this is a good thing :)

The website is live, not much to see side from the international release dates and the countdown ticker...


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Posted by dschnee at December 14, 2008 7:46 PM