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March 3, 2009

Beverly Hills Chihuahua DVD Released!

Can you imagine I still haven't seen this one? In fact, the DVD is still sitting below my TV patiently waiting for me to crack it open, pop it in, and endure the adventure that awaits... (It's March 14th) heh.

There is one shot in particular I'm looking forward to watching, and that's this shot I did as a 'joke' daily. (a version or take sometimes we do just for shits and giggles) So we sent it off to the client along with a shipment, and they liked it so much they decided to use it in the movie?!? There are 2 dogs swimming to shore in a water/river bed scene, and instead of the one little doggy paddling it's way to shore, I had her get caught in the current and sucked down a water fall... and they used it, hah.

You know you want to pick up Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Widescreen Edition) | Beverly Hills Chihuahua [Blu-ray]


Posted by dschnee at March 3, 2009 8:14 AM