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March 19, 2009

New Playback and "New Moon" for Tippett Studio

Tippett Studio Adopts Tweak RV for Playback and Review
Tippett Studio is integrating Tweak Software's RV company-wide as its playback tool of choice. RV will replace Flipper, the proprietary playback software developed at Tippett Studio, as the backbone of its VFX digital pipeline.

Tippett Studio was founded 25 years ago and has earned a reputation for groundbreaking animation and visual effects. The studio has launched a major initiative to retool its pipeline to accommodate increasingly complex artistic and technical demands -- without disrupting existing workflows.

"RV is an industrial strength image playback tool, and the only solution out there robust and customizable enough to replace Flipper," said Sanjay Das, Chief Technology Officer at Tippett. "Supporting a proprietary homegrown playback solution is expensive and not the best use of R&D resources, but before RV there was no good alternative."

According to Scott Liedtka, VFX Supervisor at Tippett, "Above all, RV is a tool for artists. It is clean and elegant and adaptable to however you want to work." Tippett Studio turned to RV as part of an effort to build the facility's capacity to handle upwards of 2,000 shots per feature. Other features that attracted Tippett to RV include:

-- Customization -- RV is a very open platform, not a black box application. It can be modified to integrate tightly with the rest of a pipeline or to support proprietary workflows.

-- Color Correction -- RV does real-time color correction using the graphics card, and RV's color management is scriptable so a facility can automate and customize the way images are presented based on scripted rules.

-- 3D Stereo -- RV has advanced 3D stereo support built in. RV's stereo is resolution independent, like the rest of RV, so the left/right eyes can be different resolutions or image formats, and you can zoom, pan, adjust offset, flip/flop, and swap eyes.

Tippett Studio is currently using RV on CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE and will have RV integrated into the entire facility within three-to-six months. The facility is currently ramping up for VFX production on the sequel to TWILIGHT entitled NEW MOON.


Posted by dschnee at March 19, 2009 6:19 AM