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May 26, 2009

Drag Me To Hell Screening

Who said being cursed and punished, gummed and punched multiple times by an old mysterious gypsy women isn't a great time? Mrs. Ganush made Drag Me To Hell for me one hell of a time!

I won a couple of tickets to an advanced screening of Drag Me To Hell from HorrorYearbook.com. It was a fan and press event at the Metreon in San Francisco. Pretty much packed full and the crowd was really into it, lots of energy with lots of people jumping, shrieking and laughing.

I had a blast, plenty of 'ohhly shit' and great 'haha, no way' moments when that feeling of fright and startlement rushes over you, even if you tried to look away, the sound elevates with so much intensity, your heart can't help but race until the pay off hits!

Drag Me To Hell is a simple fun thrill ride that takes us along this 3 day curse set against a young women working as a loan officer at a local bank. Her choice to make the tough decision denying another extension for an elderly women's mortgage, (in hopes to gain a promotion) as a result a dark curse is brought forth brutally by the old 'gypsy' women. Alison Lohman who plays the loan officer Christine Brown, did a good job, she was fun to watch. It's pretty much non stop awesome once she enters the parking lot to leave for the night... the gypsy women is there waiting for her and all hell breaks loose!

Our work held up pretty well (low budget style), we book ended the movie with the visuals in the very first scene with the boy being 'enter movie title here', and the final sequence at the train station. We also did a handful of shots with the pesky fly, it all looked great. I don't want to ruin anything from the movie, so I won't talk about any of the shots I worked on, but at some point I will...

fantastic thrill ride, loved it, and proud to have been able to work on it!

Drag Me To Hell opens this Friday, May 29th, definitely check it out!

Ohh BTW, curently Dragged has a 94% Fresh Tomatometer Reading, nice.


Posted by dschnee at May 26, 2009 11:57 AM