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May 3, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Reviewed

So I went out to breakfast with some good friends of mine, and after some discussion, we decided to up and go see Wolverine this afternoon... I read the script many months ago and my feeling was that of a good solid action piece, something fun and entertaining, but no real depth, not much origin focus, no true Logan character development. They say a movie is made 3 times... once when it's written, once when it's filmed, and once again when it's all edited together. So I let the script slip away from memory and kept a little hope along with me as we worked on the post production.

I watched the leaked copy last month, and I wasn't impressed, I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it at all. I was very interested in seeing how that end cooling tower sequence ended up though, and to be fair, even your favorite movies looked rough at a work print stage, so seeing the finished product vs the work print is something that should to be done.

Now as far as a finished piece is concerned vs the work print, they pretty much pulled it off, sure there were a handful of really bad VFX work, but the rest of it was pretty tight and came together nicely. In particular was the that cooling tower sequence at the end... what can I say, considering I know what they had to work with, with those horrible plates, with the time constraints, again, they pulled it off, and in that respect I was impressed. At least I think this was the case, now that I think about it I found myself looking at the tower itself 90% of the time... :) So I'd have to watch it again to see how it all really looked and felt, how did you all feel about the look of that sequence?

I was excited to see they 'did' indeed use the 5 shots I was able to complete when young Scott Summers is beside Diamond Girl. Summers removes his eye cover and blasts the soldiers behind the windows with his laser beamage right before the end battle vs Deadpool. I worked pretty hard on those, so it's nice for use to have something in there despite how things ended up. I think they also used another of our shots when young Scott Summers is being chased by Creed in the high school, he jumps and spins with his beam tearing through the hall. So by my count, they used 6 Tippett shots in the film but no credit to this shall to be found.

As for the story, I really wished they would have focused more on developing Logan's character, rather than a sequence of events to shallowly tell the tale, take some time and reveal the true nature of who Logan is and how he becomes the Wolverine. I don't know, in an origin story you just might want to tell the us about his mutant healing factor and how it works, maybe touch upon his acute sense of smell, sight, and sound... ohh yeah, and those bone claws of his?

All and all, It in now way comes close to 'The Dark Knight' territory, not nearly as effective as 'Iron Man', but it's not 'Daredevil' either.

Maybe someday a great director will take on 'Wolverine' leaving behind any crappy 'X-Men Origins' setup the next film / slash spin-off angle of the bangle...


Posted by dschnee at May 3, 2009 9:18 PM